So, have you ever met someone and been completely taken in and thought, this person is kinda cool! Then later things start happening that make you question whether the person is actually cool. Almost like the person you met was somehow replaced by a Tide Pod Person? It happened to me recently and I plan to do a podcast about it.

I have never been the trusting kind of person, but as I get older I would like to believe that people have some solid intentions. Yet, I have found that if someone wants you to believe a lie, you probably shouldn’t. I also hate when my wife is correct – and she is almost always correct when it comes to people.

I have talked about how in my family I have a relative who ran a very successful scam – or was married to a person who ran one. So, you would think that I would be somewhat able to pick out a scam. Yet, I am not great at it. Even when the scam becomes obvious. So, it takes my wife some time and diligence to point out that the person has been scamming people for a quite a long time now.

I should have immediately picked up on it when the asked for money and would repay me. I should have realized it when they wanted access to work on my website (or to hold it hostage for money). I should have done a background check on them but I didn’t. I wanted to believe that the person had good intentions.

So, my wife and I went on a journey of discovery about my ex co-host today. We found out that he runs these scams on the internet – specifically targeting reddit and takes users money and produces nothing. Lots of nothing. He constantly gives them excuses why work isn’t done on time and is constantly bringing his wife/family into the equation. That being said, I really tried to give him a bunch of chances. Yet… if you are a computer programmer and your laptop/desktop goes down and you can’t fix it in 48 hours something is wrong.

If you constantly have car/money/home life troubles something is wrong. I won’t go into every detail of every single thing that was said and done in his past. His reddit history – and his need for 5 aliases on Reddit speak for themselves. Yet, when someone feels compelled to make a website about you scamming them, something is wrong.

So for the time being I have no co-host for the podcast, which sucks, but I will manage to push out podcasts regularly now. I just hope that I can keep people entertained. It sucks to feel like you want to trust someone but can’t.