So, how is the best way to follow up a 59 win season and a 2nd round playoff death to LeBron James? Well for the LeBronto Craptors it was to can their head coach after he wins coach of the year. Why? Because Casey plays the game for his players and can foresee LeBron becoming ultimate LeBron in this year’s playoffs.

I mean look at this crap! How can anyone stop it!

You can’t! You can’t stop it and you can’t blame Casey for it. The reality is that the Raptors will always be a mediocre club. I am not saying they won’t win a championship, I mean the Knicks one a couple of them about 30 million years ago and every Knicks fan pretends like they are 1 player away from going to the championship. (I suppose if that player is LeBron they might be).

Here is the thing though, people are going to debate whether this was the coach or the players. Let us be 100% honest, when you have Lowry and DeRozen the expectations for those two shitheads is pretty high. I am not sure why, neither of them is particularly a superstar player. Yet, every time they play LeBron they suddenly play scared.

Remember the Superbowl? Of course you do… the Eagles played fearless and beat Tom Brady and his backup band. The Raptors don’t play fearless, they play like scared girls when they face LeBron. He is after all, they best player in the world and so it really is sort of intimidating. Yet, does that mean that Casey should have taken no blame? No, he is the coach and unless his name is Marvin Lewis, he is vulnerable to the failings of his team.

So was it Casey or the Wonder Twins fault? Was it just a bad match up in a series that LeBron’s teammates decided to show up? Ultimately the fault belongs with the organization. They have built a team of mediocrity where talent is wasted because they can’t put the right players together. Like Peyton Manning experienced with the Colts. Regular season wins mean absolutely nothing. You need a complete team, and that means a solid bench and good starters to win. When your third best player is the husk of Serge Ibaka you are probably going to lose. You are definitely going to lose if you are playing against LeBron.