I don’t think I really need to go into too much talking about this particular position. Snow sucks. It sucks humongous donkey testicles. Everything about it sucks. And I say this only as an adult. As a kid, snow was one of the best things in the world. If snowed enough you got a day from school. You could play with friends in the snow, make forts, make snowmen, and you always got Cocoa when you came it. As an adult, snow can eat a gigantic bag of dicks.

“I love snow!” False! No one loves snow. There is nothing good about it. It is cold, it gets everywhere, it makes driving impossible when you are surrounded by a bunch of morons. It steals time you could be using outside. Now… overly hot is bad as well, but, this is not a post about being hot. This is a post about snow. Now… listen, I know people will say, I actually do love the snow… but do you? Do you really?

Case in point, what particular snow activity do you love that you can’t do at on a different surface? Skiing? Do it on sand, or go to a resort with fake snow. Snowmobiling? Use an ATV! Snowboarding? See skiing, or surf, or skateboard…

Seriously… I just spent two hours shoveling 18 inches of drifting snow out of my driveway. If you are going to tell me you love it, then come over and shovel it for me.

And why on earth is it always so wet! I get it snow, you are made of water, congrats! Now go away!

Snow makes everything 100x more difficult then it has to be and that is why snow sucks!