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Podcast #2 is here!

Podcast 2 is done and uploaded, you can listen to it here on itunes, google play, tunein, or on your favorite podcast app. We are working on mini-casts, which are short podcasts during the week so be on the look… Continue Reading →


I am not the type of person who ever stays motivated at anything for very long. I have previously discussed my issues with ADHD, but it is hard to stay motivated as well. It is especially hard when you are… Continue Reading →


I don’t think I really need to go into too much talking about this particular position. Snow sucks. It sucks humongous donkey testicles. Everything about it sucks. And I say this only as an adult. As a kid, snow was… Continue Reading →

Free to Pay… I mean play.

Good freaking lord! Why is it so hard to find a good mobile game anymore? I have recently tried a slew of games and man… they are fucking stinkers. The thing is that these games aren’t always terrible. Some have… Continue Reading →

It sucks to write about sucking…

You know, writing this blog and doing podcasts is fun, yet after having done a few posts I can safely say… trying to come up with post ideas sucks. It isn’t that they are particularly difficult to write once I… Continue Reading →

A little bit… personal

As someone who has a severe case of ADHD and has found it impossible to stay on task for most of their life – one thing that really sucks is trying to take a chance with starting something new. It… Continue Reading →

This fucking guy…

That guy… you know that guy who shows up to every party with his acoustic guitar… that guy who all the ladies swoon over. Today’s post is dedicated to that guy, because he is a douchebag, he knows he’s a… Continue Reading →

First Podcast Released

Check out our first podcast on the podcast page, or listen to it here.

MMOs the end of an Era

I have been an avid gamer since I was kid. I have always enjoyed escaping into these fantasy worlds to experience adventures that I was never going to have in my own life. I even had a gold copy of… Continue Reading →

Facebook… damn you to hell.

Everybody loves to hate Facebook. It is as American as Apple Pie, diabetes, and tripping small children in the mall. Everybody hates it because they have to deal with people they barely know being upset about being unfriended. Everybody laughs… Continue Reading →

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