Look, I am the first to admit this blog seems a little heavy – a little bit on the depressing side of things. The reality is that it isn’t meant to be that way. I want it to come across as a humorous place for people to enjoy as we poke fun at everything. Yet, somethings actually do suck. Like when you have faith in people being good but have that broken.

I am not going to sit here and say that I did everything I possibly could have to prevent myself from getting into the situation I was in. Yet, maybe from a bad situation something good can happen. So, I am not one to give up. (Okay, I am, shut up about it!) I went back to the hot spot of co-hosts and found someone to help me out.

We ran through one podcast which will be available starting tomorrow and it went very good. Now we are already preparing for our second podcast which we might span into a multi-part series. The person check out and they understand the goals of the site and the podcast.

I believe that this is a positive step forward for the blog and podcast as a whole. It also means we will be doing different style podcasts as well. So we will be doing some point/counter-point and then some abbreviated weekly podcasts where we cover multiple topics that sucked over the week in a brief period. I think these styles along with the whole topic podcasts will allow us to broaden the appeal of the site and podcast. It will also help us infuse humor into the podcast that is more obvious than it has been.

We really appreciate our readers and listeners. You guys make this podcast and blog what it is. Thank you so much.