I am not the type of person who ever stays motivated at anything for very long. I have previously discussed my issues with ADHD, but it is hard to stay motivated as well. It is especially hard when you are someone like me. Currently my wife is at school – a lot. This leaves me having to work overnights to accommodate for her school schedule. This wouldn’t really be an issue if it wasn’t for lack of sleep.

This guy was really motivated to look at rolled hay! Fuck him.

For instance, today, I got about 2 and half hours of sleep before coming back into work again. Tomorrow, my wife will be at school when I get home. So, instead of sleeping, I will need to watch the children. I fully support my wife’s choice of going back to school because the long term gain is worth the short term difficulty.

The issue is that for me, I am trying to be more careful about what I eat and work on the KETO diet. I find myself lacking the energy during the day to do it. There is a ton of research showing that when you are sleep deprived you lose motivation. This is because your brain needs to work harder and in doing so allows old habits to creep in. It also cripples your ability to make rational decisions.

For me, the lack of sleep impacts my motivation due to the endocannabinoid system. It is a reward system that kicks your hunger system into high gear. Essentially, it tells your brain to eat more because you are tired and in doing so creates a reward pathway for your brain.

Then, of course, there is the exhaustion part. Your brain needs food to keep awake… your body wants you to sleep. So you aren’t able to reconcile the two so you reach for the most convenient thing you can find. It is hard to want to cook a decent meal when your body is screaming to just go to bed.

Besides that, motivation in general is hard to keep going. Our bodies, our brains, really enjoy keeping things routine. For me, that routine is: come up with great idea… work on great idea for a couple days… give up and move on to another idea. For instance, while typing this I have come up with an idea for a small business venture that I will probably spend a week researching and then forget about it when I have to get to a point of doing something.

So is there any hope? Yes… there are a lot of articles and some research into keeping yourself motivated. That doesn’t make it suck any less.