Okay, so I told you about how I fancy myself as some sort of musician, right? Fuck you… I am a musician! So of course we should keep talking about music, but instead of focusing on me, let’s talk about the type of music I like to listen to and how I find bands. I know… you are all genuinely curious about this shit because you are here and you want to be just like me.

Anyway… my favorite band is Rush. One the greatest rock/prog rock power trios of all time. So my taste in music is already amazing. So, I have a general inclination to listen to that sort of music. That doesn’t mean it is the only music I listen to. Most of my youth was spent listening to “alternative” rock and grunge. Honestly – what the fuck is alternative music and alternative to? What makes it alternative? I know, I can look on google but I am too lazy for that.

So, here we are with my mainstay music defaulting to Rock/Prog Rock/Alternative/Grunge. So, one of the big tools I love to use to find new music is Spotify similar artists. Always brings up something interesting. Yet, that is only one tool I use to find new music… the weirdest tool in my arsenal is the Spotify search tool.

I can hear the shrieks in your minds… how is that weird you goofball! Well, I don’t use it like you normally would. I mean I do… obviously when I need to find a particular band I will use it… I mean I am not telepathic. No, I use it in a different way. I will search a particular word and see what the results being up for me. So, the word is usually random… something like maps, front, or birds.

I will listen to some of the bands and occasionally I will find something amazing. It is like getting a present for yourself. But why do I say this? Well, it brings me to the point: finding music sucks! Finding good music sucks even harder. Seriously, go listen to the Radio. It is shit. It has always been shit and always will be shit.

Look, the radio is a great place to listen to music but the music is awful. It is put out simply because of the hook and not the content. It isn’t the bands best cuts. It is just repeating the same old shit and new shit over and over and over. How many times do I have to listen to Papa Roach? Fuck that shit, it is annoying. Same with Five Finger Death Punch or Disturbed or whoever. These bands probably have good music but I don’t want to listen to the same 2 songs constantly, but the radio only plays the “hits.”

So it is tough to find music you like and it sucks that the radio won’t play them. Seriously fuck you guys, play Soen!