You know, writing this blog and doing podcasts is fun, yet after having done a few posts I can safely say… trying to come up with post ideas sucks. It isn’t that they are particularly difficult to write once I get started. I have always been able to write at a whim, when the mood is with me. No, the problem is trying to come up with an idea.

See, I am trying to make sure that the ideas are fresh, but also humorous. That makes it hard especially when you are busy trying to raise kids and have a family. So, my process is usually that I take something that I have done or seen and I find the side of it that sucks. Trust me, everything has a side that sucks. Then I write about it.

So for instance, a game I might play would be great but maybe it does something stupid and so I will write about that. People really need to know when things suck. Yet, I also have a tendency to think that this type of thing is tedious to write about. How many times can I complain about games before I begin to suck? It is almost some sort of paradox.

I know that the further down the rabbit hole I go the more I will have to find things that suck. Perhaps it will be a new movie or a new book. Lots of things suck in movies… especially silly plot holes that otherwise might make a great movie a little more head scratching. Perhaps it will be about the internet and the death of American gathering places. (I miss the Mall sometimes, but I have fond memories from being a yout…)

I think that everything would be better if ideas would just come unbidden into my brain, but then what would I do with them? I wouldn’t be able to focus on writing because I would have a new idea occupying my time every second. I wouldn’t be able to do much. I guess what I am trying to say is that writing blog posts kind of sucks. It sucks in a good way though.