I have always been a huge nerd. Not the biggest nerd in the world, but the biggest nerd in my general vicinity at any point in time. What does that mean? Well it means that I have invested a large portion of my life to the pursuit of nerdy things. I love fantasy books, I enjoy role-playing video games, I have played countless MMORPG, I am always looking for a great mobile RPG/MMO to play, and of course tabletop games.

Now, what is a tabletop game? They are games you play on a table – it could be a board game, strategy game, card game, or theater of the mind game. The game that I fancied the most of course was Dungeons and Dragons. I loved playing the 2nd Edition game with its streamlined features. That of course changed about 17 years ago when I moved. I haven’t had a chance to play since then.

So of course now I want to get back into the game. That requires the spending of money on the books which I have of course done. That also means more projects for me to work on. I will need a table to play on and I will need to work on the basement and clean it up.

Nothing can ever be simple and straight forward in life. No everything has to involve projects and work. Dungeons and Dragons is a game that rewards creation as well. The best part being the rolling of characters or the creating of a world. Sometimes you can get away with working within an existing universe or you can go ahead and play a premade campaign.

Those are fine, but they limit creativity. The thrill of creating a villain to overcome or a quest to play through. These are the things that really get the mind going. You can also give a lot of personality to NPCs – a bumbling idiot with a lot of luck, the handsome hero who is actually a coward, the old man who is plotting to take over the world behind everyone’s back.

Nothing is off limits but, I can tell you that it is difficult to create a world and even more difficult to sustain it because your players will always do something surprising. You might have a player kill a friendly NPC or each other. They might charm the villain. They might just take a quest and abandon it to explore some ruins instead.

As a player or DM you have to expect the unexpected. So, while D&D is some of the best times you will ever experience, it is absolutely sucky when you have to invest all the time into it. It is especially sucky when the DM rolls a nat 20 and kills your level 1 character that you invested 5 hours into making on the very first encounter against a Skeleton with 3 HP. Fuck you Timmy!