Podcast 4 in the Books!

Come listen to us make some friendly sports chatter. With a new co-host Mike Morgan!  

Not Everything Sucks!

Look, I am the first to admit this blog seems a little heavy – a little bit on the depressing side of things. The reality is that it isn’t meant to be that way. I want it to come across… Continue Reading →

Podcast 3… just me!

Trusting someone sucks…

So, have you ever met someone and been completely taken in and thought, this person is kinda cool! Then later things start happening that make you question whether the person is actually cool. Almost like the person you met was… Continue Reading →

Dear Small Game Studios, don’t go the easy route…

Look, I don’t have a lot of room here to say anything – but what I do know is what I can see happening. I can tell you that being a game dev has go to suck… and it has… Continue Reading →

The NFL Draft

I have an absolute love/hate relationship with the NFL. I love the Steelers but really hate the game anymore.  I hate that the games seem so predictable, I hate watching one team go to the championship every year, and most… Continue Reading →

Losing a co-hosts, sucks

So, here I am working on my blog and trying to keep the hope alive that one day I may make it into some sort of moderate success. I don’t need a lot of people reading it, or a ton… Continue Reading →

Lets talk music again!

Okay, so I told you about how I fancy myself as some sort of musician, right? Fuck you… I am a musician! So of course we should keep talking about music, but instead of focusing on me, let’s talk about… Continue Reading →

A Man of Many Shitty Musical Tastes…

You don’t know me. No, you read my blog and you think you have some inkling of what I am like or who I am. You don’t! You don’t know what my favorite color is… you don’t know my favorite… Continue Reading →

Finding time to do anything as a parent sucks!

Having kids is one of the greatest joys in the world, I say that as a dude who generally doesn’t like kids. I don’t care about other people’s kids in the least. Unless I am related to them they can… Continue Reading →

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