“The boy lies in the grass with one blade

Stuck between his teeth

A vague sensation quickens

In his young and restless heart

And a bright and nameless vision

Has him longing to depart”

Analog Kid Lyrics by Neil Peart

Remember when you were a kid and you dreamed of all the exciting things you would do as an adult? The trips you would take around the world and the adventures you would have. It was a magical time of wonder and excitement. The world was so full of potential and nothing would stop you.

Boy… that shit gets beat out of you pretty quickly by life. There is a saying that sort of goes like this: you enter school as a scientist but by the time you graduate you are a robot. It is true. When you are a kid you ask all sorts of questions. I know this because my son constantly asks a million questions. He will ask the meaning of every lyric to every song. He will ask, why do bugs crawl, why do wasps sting, or why is spaghetti shaped like a string?

The most I ask is, when is dinner? Did you do the laundry? Do I have to go to work again? As an adult you no longer ask questions about why the world is the way it is. We are still curious. Trust me, I love to know no facts, but… I don’t ask the questions to discover them. Instead I will be presented with some new information that intrigues me.

As an adult, you don’t worry about going outside and playing, or if you will beat the next Mario level, or what beer tastes like. You know the answers to these questions. Instead you ask things like… how much is the next car payment? Yes, all the wonder of being an adult quickly evaporates when you realize the system is rigged to steal away your best years working.

Buy a house, get married, have a family, go to school, get a job… get a better job, work towards management. You get the privilege of eventually living vicariously through your child. If they are good at something you will be able to get a little glory but then one day you will sit back and realize you have nothing to show for yourself. Your high school glory days – no one gives a shit. Your kid caught a game winning touchdown 10 years ago, f’ that!

Nope, as an adult you are constantly working to pay off debts to people who want to make money from you to put other people into debt. It is perpetual servitude of living. Sure, you might end up with a house after 15 or 30 years, but you also end up with nothing else and one day your children will come to take the house. Or the government will want you to sell it to pay for your treatment at the old folks home.

Growing old isn’t exciting and it isn’t cool. All you get to do is work and even when you aren’t at work you are still working. Unless you have a job that affords you the ability to work a little less – I am one of those people thankfully. Yet, until my children are in school all day long I won’t really see any benefit from it because my free time is their free time. Instead, I get to do house chores all day after work. Groceries, cleaning, mowing, shoveling, dishes, laundry, painting the house, maintaining your deck or patio… super exciting shit! You might, if you are lucky and have good parents that might watch your children or of you want to pay for a babysitter, you can get a night out every now and then.

Dinner and a movie… maybe a concert here and there. Otherwise your life is watching your kids grow up and maintaining your sanity.

Everyone tells you that being an adult is great when you are a kid… well other kids tell you being an adult is great. I wish someone would tell kids that in fact being an adult actually sucks.