As someone who has a severe case of ADHD and has found it impossible to stay on task for most of their life – one thing that really sucks is trying to take a chance with starting something new. It isn’t that I have trouble thinking up anything exciting – trust me, I have always had about 10 million ideas in my head. It is seeing it through to the end.

My wife has always sort of been a steadying force in my life. She also calls me on my shit a lot of times and understands that I do these things as sort of experiments. That isn’t to say that I have never seen anything through – I obviously have a degree or two from college. I just tend to move on quickly and it really sucks knowing that I can’t ever just stay focused enough on one idea to make it happen.

People have always said that I was talented enough to do whatever I wanted to. They may be right, but I am also the worst person at actually doing those things. So this blog, this podcast, wherever it may lead, I really want to give it a chance. I think it deserves that. I think I deserve that. I think my wife deserves that. I am not going to say this is the greatest blog or that I am going to add a lot of deep and meaningful content to the philosophical base.

I just want to produce something that might make people smile and have a good time doing it. My end goal is not to become the great podcaster or to make a million dollars. It is simply to become self-sustaining enough that I don’t have to use my money earned from work to keep the site going. Any extra would be nice but not necessary to me.

I am trying to say that I don’t think that this site is a means to an end, but rather just something I enjoy doing. Also, ADHD sucks… it sucks hard.