April 2018

This fucking guy…

That guy… you know that guy who shows up to every party with his acoustic guitar… that guy who all the ladies swoon over. Today’s post is dedicated to that guy, because he is a douchebag, he knows he’s a… Continue Reading →

First Podcast Released

Check out our first podcast on the podcast page, or listen to it here.

MMOs the end of an Era

I have been an avid gamer since I was kid. I have always enjoyed escaping into these fantasy worlds to experience adventures that I was never going to have in my own life. I even had a gold copy of… Continue Reading →

Facebook… damn you to hell.

Everybody loves to hate Facebook. It is as American as Apple Pie, diabetes, and tripping small children in the mall. Everybody hates it because they have to deal with people they barely know being upset about being unfriended. Everybody laughs… Continue Reading →

Lionheart: Dark Moon

I play a lot of games, normally the free to play variety on my phone. I have always been the type of person who discredits mobile games due to their nature of being shitty. Honestly, how many match 3 games… Continue Reading →

Alex Inc. Episode 1 Review

Have you ever been the fan of an actor or actress and thought, gee I really hope they accept the role in a really poorly written comedy series? Me too. That is the mysterious case of Zach Braff – a… Continue Reading →

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