April 2018

Losing a co-hosts, sucks

So, here I am working on my blog and trying to keep the hope alive that one day I may make it into some sort of moderate success. I don’t need a lot of people reading it, or a ton… Continue Reading →

Lets talk music again!

Okay, so I told you about how I fancy myself as some sort of musician, right? Fuck you… I am a musician! So of course we should keep talking about music, but instead of focusing on me, let’s talk about… Continue Reading →

A Man of Many Shitty Musical Tastes…

You don’t know me. No, you read my blog and you think you have some inkling of what I am like or who I am. You don’t! You don’t know what my favorite color is… you don’t know my favorite… Continue Reading →

Finding time to do anything as a parent sucks!

Having kids is one of the greatest joys in the world, I say that as a dude who generally doesn’t like kids. I don’t care about other people’s kids in the least. Unless I am related to them they can… Continue Reading →

Podcast #2 is here!

Podcast 2 is done and uploaded, you can listen to it here on itunes, google play, tunein, or on your favorite podcast app. We are working on mini-casts, which are short podcasts during the week so be on the look… Continue Reading →


I am not the type of person who ever stays motivated at anything for very long. I have previously discussed my issues with ADHD, but it is hard to stay motivated as well. It is especially hard when you are… Continue Reading →


I don’t think I really need to go into too much talking about this particular position. Snow sucks. It sucks humongous donkey testicles. Everything about it sucks. And I say this only as an adult. As a kid, snow was… Continue Reading →

Free to Pay… I mean play.

Good freaking lord! Why is it so hard to find a good mobile game anymore? I have recently tried a slew of games and man… they are fucking stinkers. The thing is that these games aren’t always terrible. Some have… Continue Reading →

It sucks to write about sucking…

You know, writing this blog and doing podcasts is fun, yet after having done a few posts I can safely say… trying to come up with post ideas sucks. It isn’t that they are particularly difficult to write once I… Continue Reading →

A little bit… personal

As someone who has a severe case of ADHD and has found it impossible to stay on task for most of their life – one thing that really sucks is trying to take a chance with starting something new. It… Continue Reading →

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