Things that suck — keeping up.

This one is gonna be short… I have been super busy with life, my wife is in school and I work and spend the rest of my time with the kids. So life is hard to keep up with. Though… Continue Reading →

Episode 12 — Webcomics

This week Mike and Jeff explore the art (or lack of it) of webcomics. That ever present and often times very mundane expression of creativity on the internet. We pull from past examples of both good and bad comics, and… Continue Reading →

Episode 10 — Role Playing Games Part 2

We talk about the future of role playing games, including the use of machine learning and neural networks to create a game master for use during gaming sessions. This week we also have a special interview with Austin Chaet —… Continue Reading →

Episode 9 Role Playing Games

Episode 9 has made it out of the box! Enjoy.

Episodes 7 and 8 Released!

Been a while to post, but 7 and 8 were released last week: you can listen here.

Dungeons and Dragons, Part 1… of many… probably.

I have always been a huge nerd. Not the biggest nerd in the world, but the biggest nerd in my general vicinity at any point in time. What does that mean? Well it means that I have invested a large… Continue Reading →

Episode 6 released into the wild!

Come and enjoy a cool refreshing podcast!

Adulting! It sucks!

“The boy lies in the grass with one blade Stuck between his teeth A vague sensation quickens In his young and restless heart And a bright and nameless vision Has him longing to depart” Analog Kid Lyrics by Neil Peart… Continue Reading →

Podcast #5 Up

All about scam artists and con men. Thanks for listening!

Toronto Raptors… they suck!

So, how is the best way to follow up a 59 win season and a 2nd round playoff death to LeBron James? Well for the LeBronto Craptors it was to can their head coach after he wins coach of the… Continue Reading →

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